Copyright is an area that the entire website community attaches great importance to. In the following, you can learn how to manage your own rights on the website, and learn more about how to avoid infringing the rights of others.

Submit copyright infringement notice

If someone uploads a copyright protected attribute without the authorization of the copyright owner, the attribute may be removed by the website. Defense notice is a legal requirement issued to the website to recover the video that has been removed due to suspected copyright infringement.

Basic knowledge of copyright warning

If you receive a copyright alert, your video has been removed from YouTube. This is because the copyright owner has sent us a complete and valid legal requirement to remove the video. If the copyright owner formally gives us notice that you have published their properties to YouTube without permission We will remove your uploaded properties according to the copyright law.

Revocation of copyright infringement claims

Copyright owners may become aware of an incorrect attribute after submitting a copyright infringement notice, or they may change their mind. If this happens, YouTube will be happy to withdraw the claim for the party who originally submitted the copyright claim.

View account status

View copyright alert status and community code alert status.

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